Outside Context 4: Human Connection

I sent the last newsletter out at the end of September, and the intervening six+ weeks have been a whirlwind. At times full of quiet, dogged determination, as Josh and I holed up in our tiny co-working space and grind, and at times loud and full of human interaction. We're nearly ready to ship our first iteration of the new Sublime product. The core engine is built, and it works! We're now able to write a new detection in seconds and run it instantly. That's pretty cool. We'll ship this to a first cohort of 10 early access users and we can't wait to see what they do with it.

Here's some of what we were up to these past six weeks:

Now, we're settled back in Brooklyn, which mostly means we get to work with a monitor again vs just a laptop screen. Pretty big deal. Also it's extremely cold here.

I hope this newsletter inspires and challenges you. Cheers.

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