Outside Context 3: Brooklyn

After 7 amazing years in San Francisco, I moved to NYC to set up HQ for Sublime, along with my cofounder Josh. It's been nearly three months since my last newsletter, as moving and Sublime occupied my attention. Picking up sticks and moving across the country has only gotten more difficult over the years, and the hardest part is saying goodbye to dear friends (and the mountains). I'll be forever grateful to San Francisco for providing fertile ground in which to plant my 23 year old self. That's probably worthy of it's own essay.Writing this newsletter is cathartic for me. I enjoy sharing my own experiences and musings in the hope that they'll be useful to someone a bit like myself only a few years ago. I hope you find something here that's helpful for you too. As usual, there's also a bunch of cool random shit.

Sublime updates

It's been over a year now since Josh and I started working together on Sublime. In that time we've learned a lot about the email security problem, and why no one has solved it. Total annual revenues of the companies in our space are over $5B, and yet none of these companies can reliably stop malicious emails from landing in user inboxes (this is ostensibly what the $5B is for). We think we know why, and we're working on a solution. I think it's fair to call this a "pivot", and our new product very much incorporates what we've already built, and that I've shared previously in this newsletter. The response from customers has been incredible.

We've also just applied to YC again, and this time around the application process felt effortless. It's noticeably easier to apply to YC when you've thought your product strategy out backwards and forwards. Having done the application before probably helps too. Good luck to anyone reading this who's also applied!

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