Outside Context 2: Perspective

Perspective is one of the hardest assets to acquire. I think it's key to thinking big, and thinking long term. I've found that when I don't have perspective, little things start to look really big, and easy stuff starts to look really hard. Here are some things that gave me perspective this past month. Plus a bunch of other random shit.


Sublime updates

What I'm reading

What I'm listening to

Prettiest Virgin (Myth Syzer Remix) by Agar Agar, Myth Syzer. Slaps.

All of "Alive 2007" by Daft Punk. Turn off shuffle, each track transitions into the next.

Värmland by Chaos Chaos. Originally heard of this Brooklyn-based duo via Rick and Morty.

Space In Space by Tiger Love. Totally missed this in 2016. Also if you google "tiger love" you'll find a whole lot that isn't this band.

Other random stuff